Herb Green Health

Herb Green Health, as a premium ingredient supplier, we provide reliable and timely service to meet our customer's demand.


Herb Green Health, Inc. is a premier manufacturer specializing in plant extraction, research and development, and ingredients distributor.

We specialize in ingredient exraction from Asian & American ginseng, stem, stool, leaf extract, Ginkgo biloba, radix notoginseng, reishi mushroom, epimedium, and paeonia lactiflora.

With our patented and world leading extracting and removing pesticide residues technology, we are able to extract 5,000 tons of raw materials annually and product 1,000 tons of finished products in our 226,000 ft² professional manufacturing and managed facility. Our production lines meet US and EU multiple production certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HALAL, and Kosher.

Our products are widely used in health, cosmetics, and dietary supplements industry.