High-tech Enterprise Certification

Time:2017-12-04   Hit:246 
In 2017, according to the newly revised "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" and "Guidelines for the Recognition and Management of High-tech Enterprises", the Leading Group for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises in Jiangxi Province conducted expert review, identification report, publicity, verification and processing for the second batch of enterprises applying for the recognition of High-tech Enterprises in 2017. According to the approval of the National High-tech Accreditation Office for the Second Batch of High-tech Enterprises in Jiangxi Province in 2017, our company successfully obtained the title of High-tech Enterprise (valid for three years, December 4, 2017 to December 3, 2020).

After our company is recognized as a high-tech enterprise, we may apply for preferential tax policies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Enterprise Income Tax Law and the Implementation Regulations within the validity period of the same year.


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