American Ginseng P.E.

Product Specification

  • Ginsenoside 5%~40%,HPLC.
  • Ginsenoside 10%~40%,UV.
  • Polysaccharide from Panax quinquefolium(PPQ )20% (UV), no excipients.
  • Product customization accepted.

Product Advantage

  • It was grown original ecoiogcal organiclly,without any pesticides.
  • Hormones and other synthetic materiais
  • Quality assurance and control system: prevention management
  • By executing documented procedures strictiy aims to guarantee the quality.
  • Technological advantage:Professional extraction-separation technology
  • To ermove solvent resides maximuly varied specifications,product customization are acceptable

Quality Highlights

  • Authenticity tests
  • Control of pesticides residues
  • Total saponin content difference control
  • Solvent residue control