Cranberry SD Powder

    Product Code: C140601

    Specification: SD Powder

    Assay Method: TLC

    Botanical Source: Vaccinium Oxycoccus

    Botanical Part Used: Fruit

    Character: Powder

    Certification: ISO22000, ISO9001, Kosher, Halal

Product Description


Cranberry (Vaccinium Oxycoccus), a plant of the rhododendron family, grows mainly in the cold northern hemisphere, and is also common in the Greater Xing'an Mountains of China. Cranberry fruits are favored by people because of their high moisture, low calories, high fiber, and multiple minerals. It can prevent urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases, and protect oral and dental health.


·Skin Whitening.
·Dental Health.


Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Functional Drink.

Process Flow Chart

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