Galangal Powder

    Product Code: N/A
    Specification: Powder
    Assay Method: TLC
    Botanical Source: Alpinia officinarum
    Botanical Part Used: Rhizome
    Character: Powder
    Certification: ISO22000, ISO9001
Product Description

Alpinia officinarum, known as lesser galangal, is a plant in the ginger family, cultivated in Southeast Asia. It originated in China, where its name ultimately derives. It can grow 1.5 to 2 m high, with long leaves and reddish-white flowers. The rhizomes, known as galangal, are valued for their sweet spicy flavor and aromatic scent. In Asia the rhizomes are ground to powder for use in curries, drinks, and jellies. In India an extract is used in perfumes, and Tatars prepare a tea with it. Alpinia officinarum contains high concentrations of the flavonol galangin. Historically, the rhizomes were reputed to have stimulant and digestive effects.




Process Flow Chart

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