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Anti-Fatigue Weight Control Bitter Melon SD Fruit Powder

State: Powder 
Chracter: Yellow to Yellow Brown 
Certification: ISO22000, HALAL 
Specification: Spray Drying Powder 
Assay Method: TLC 
Botanical Source: Momordica Charantia 
Botanical Part Used: Fruit
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Bitter Melon SD Powder
Product Code N/A Specification Spray Drying Powder
Extract Source Momordica Charantia Botanical Part Used Fruit
Extract Solvent None Assay Method TLC
Character Yellow to Yellow Brown Certification ISO22000, HALAL
HS Code 1302199099 Shelf Life 2 Years


Introduction of Bitter Melon Powder

Raw Materialof Bitter Melon Fruit Powder Bitter melon (Momordica Charantia) is the fruit of an annual climbing herb of the Cucurbitaceae family, which has a special bitter taste and is loved by the public. Bitter melon not only has a special taste, but also has rich nutrients. Although bitter melon is bitter, it never transmits its bitterness to other foods, so it is also known as "gentleman's vegetable". It is also known as the "gentleman's vegetable". It has the effect of lowering blood sugar, promoting appetite and beauty.

The bitter melon powder is a powder material obtained after the important material of the bitter melon by da research end, it preserves most of the nutrients of the bitter melon, can clear heat and detoxification, also can lose weight and slim body. The powdered bitter melon can prevent a variety of fire symptoms, especially human mouth and tongue sores and red eyes and swelling pain and in the heat stroke and other symptoms, bitter melon powder contains a large number of bitter melon glycosides, this material can improve the pancreatic islet efficacy, regulate insulin excretion, can make too high blood sugar down, the usual consumption can prevent high blood sugar and diabetes, more prevent the complications of diabetes.

Function of Bitter Melon Powder

·Lower blood sugar

·Weight control

·Prevent the complications of diabetes.

Process of Bitter Melon Powder

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Applications of Bitter Melon Powder

Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Functional Drink.


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