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Ginseng Extract Ginsenoside RG3

State: Powder 
Chracter: Off White to Light Yellow 
Certification: ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL 
Specification: Rg3>10%; Rh2>3%; Re>50% 
Assay Method: HPLC 
Botanical Source: Panax Ginseng 
Botanical Part Used: Stem & Leaf
  • C020101
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Ginsenoside RG3
Product Code C020101 Specification Rg3>10%; Rh2>3%; Re>50%
Extract Source Panax Ginseng Botanical Part Used Stem & Leaf
Extract Solvent  Ethanol / Water Assay Method HPLC
Character Off White to Light Yellow Certification ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL
HS Code 1302199099 Shelf Life 2 Years


Introduction of Ginsenoside RG3

Rg3, as a protein energy synthesis promoting factor, acts in the G2 phase of the cell reproductive cycle, and is expressed in multiple gene networks in the regulatory, defense, repair, and metabolic systems to improve energy metabolism, promote nucleic acid and protein synthesis, and regulate the dynamic balance of protein synthesis and degradation (speed), remove harmful metabolites (body waste), inhibit diseased cells, activate and repair damaged and decayed cells. In addition, it also regulates the dynamic balance of protein synthesis and degradation (speed), removes harmful metabolic products (body waste), inhibits diseased cells, activates and repairs damaged and decayed cells, thus bringing into play the body's anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-disease and anti-cancer, and deeply mobilizes the body's vitality.

Ginsenoside Rg3 is the first single new antitumor drug in China, which can effectively inhibit tumor growth, recurrence and metastasis when taken by tumor patients with 40 to 100 mg of ginsenoside Rg3 daily. It is also the only single new Chinese medicine with clear composition, quality control and precise clinical efficacy in China, and has been established as a programmed drug for tumor treatment and rehabilitation by authoritative institutions, which is a model of modernization of Chinese medicine in line with international standards.

1. Prevent and treat cancer, reduce the toxic side effects of radiotherapy

Rg3 has a strong blocking effect on all stages of cancer occurrence and development, which is its most important effect.

Rg3 can also inhibit the proliferation and infiltration of tumor cells and induce apoptosis of tumor cells. Therefore, Rg3 is often used simultaneously with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which can obviously enhance the therapeutic effect, greatly reduce the toxic side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and improve the quality of life of patients.

2. Enhance the immunity of the body and resist the adverse environment

Rg3 can enhance the immunity of the body and improve the activity of various immune factors such as natural killer cells, macrophages, lymphocytes and T-cell subsets in the human body, thus strengthening the body's constitution, counteracting the influence of adverse environment and improving the body's ability to resist disease.

3. Dilate blood vessels and prevent coronary heart disease

Rg3 dilates blood vessels by acting on endothelial cells and stimulates peripheral blood circulation, increasing blood flow to coronary arteries and other important organs, which has a very positive significance in preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and improving the function of important organs of the body.

4. Protect brain nerve cells, anti-dementia

Rg3 can prevent and control brain damage by preventing glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in the brain. Rg3 can significantly improve sleep, restore physical strength, enhance the flexibility of the brain excitation process and reduce fatigue, improve learning and decision-making ability, and have an educational and brain-healthy effect.

Function of Ginsenoside RG3

· Anti-cancer.

· Enhance the immunity .

· Prevent coronary heart disease.

· Brain health.

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Process Of Ginsenoside RG3


Applications Of Ginsenoside RG3


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