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High Purity Melatonin 99% Powder For Sleep

Chracter: Off-white to White 
Certification: ISO22000 
Specification: 99% 
Assay Method: HPLC 
Botanical Source: Griffonia simplicifolia 
Botanical Part Used: Seed
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Product Code C140901 Specification NLT 99%
Extract Solvent Ethanol / Water Assay Method HPLC;IR;UV
Character Off-white to White Certification ISO22000
HS Code 1302199099 Shelf Life 2 Years


Introduction of Melatonin

The Melatonin is the regulation center of the human body's "biological clock", and the accuracy of the biological clock is related to the amount of pineal gland hormone in the human body. Pineal gland hormone regulates the body's biological rhythm by regulating the central biological clock and the peripheral biological clock. For example, the body's light/dark cycle, rest/exercise cycle, and hunger/eating cycle are all regulated by Melatonin.

Melatonin late jet lag and improve sleep. These findings on human rhythms are opening up possibilities for personalized medicine.

Apoptosis of testicular germ cells was found to be inhibited by exogenous supply of Melatonin and this inhibition was achieved through an anti-endoplasmic reticulum stress mechanism. Apoptosis of liver cells produces some garbage, and when the body initiates the immune system to clear the garbage, many inflammatory factors are released to touch the normal liver cells again. Pineal glandins can inhibit hepatocyte apoptosis through anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative stress mechanisms.

Melatonin also have important performance in anti-inflammatory and improving metabolic disorders. Pineal glandins have a significant effect on the inflammatory factors of amniotic fluid, that is, they have a significant anti-inflammatory effect.

Function of Melatonin

In addition to improving sleep and sleep quality, melatonin also has several functions: adjusting jet lag and correcting jet lag reaction; anti-aging; protecting cell structure by scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation and inhibiting lipid peroxidation reaction, preventing DNA damage and reducing the content of peroxide in the body; removing spots and whitening; activating the body's immune function and effectively preventing tumors; inhibiting estrogen, progesterone and Prolactin secretion, inhibit cell reproduction, reduce the possibility of cancer induced by female hormone disorders. Melatonin tablets have anti-tumor effects and can reduce the formation of DNA adducts induced by chemical carcinogens (safrole) and prevent DNA damage.

Applications of Melatonin

It is widely used in health food, food and beverage, aquaculture, animal pet, cosmetics, plant preservation.


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