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Natural Seasoning Star Anise Seed Powder Supplememt

State: Powder 
Chracter: Brown to Tan 
Certification: ISO22000 
Specification: Powder 
Assay Method: TLC 
Botanical Source: Illicium verum 
Botanical Part Used: Fruit
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Star Anise Powder
Product Code N/A Specification Powder
Extract Source Illicium verum Botanical Part Used Fruit
Extract Solvent None Assay Method TLC
Character Brown to Tan Certification ISO22000 
HS Code 2103909000 Shelf Life 2 Years


Introduction of Star Anise Powder

Anise, proper name Anise, is a tree, 10-15 m tall; crown tower-shaped, elliptical or conical; bark dark gray; branches dense. It is mainly produced in western and southern Guangxi. Anise is the dried mature fruit of Anise Illicium verum Hook. f., family Magnoliaceae. The fruits are picked in autumn and winter when they change from green to yellow, and are dried after being slightly scalded in boiling water or directly dried. It is warm in nature, pungent in taste, and belongs to the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach meridians.

The fruits of star anise are mainly used for treating cold hernia and abdominal pain, cold pain in the waist and knees, cold stomach and vomiting, pain in the epigastrium, and cold damp feet. It has significant effect on treating small intestine gas fall, hernia partial fall, waist heavy prickly distension, waist disease like prickly, constipation in both urine and stool, abdominal distension like drum, shortness of breath, wind poison and dampness, attacking resistance into sores, skin and flesh purple broken and pus bad, walking weakness, skin and flesh dry and hot, etc.

Star anise powder is a powder made from ground star anise, star anise powder is the most popular seasoning in the country, star anise powder is very rich in nutrition, it contains fat, magnesium, dietary fiber, etc., star anise powder is pungent and warm, excellent aroma, use it to cook food, the aroma is outstanding, can play a good deodorization, aroma, fresh effect。

Function of Star Anise Powder

· Seasoning.

· Treating cold hernia.

· Constipation.

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Process Of Star Anise Powder


Applications Of Star Anise Powder


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