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Organic Certificate Renewal of Herb Green Health

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Herb Green Health Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Herb Green Health), as one of the leading plant extract manufacturers in China, has started organic market business in 2017. It has successively passed the United States/EU organic standards certifications by many certification bodies and its products are also exported to European and American markets. At present, the company’s dominant organic products mainly include organic ginseng extract, organic matcha powder, organic apple cider vinegar extract, organic goji berry extract, organic ginkgo biloba extract, etc. These products are stocked in warehouses of China and the United States all year round, which can meet fast delivery with large quantities and can issue corresponding traceability certificates (COI/TC). Recently, Herb Green Health has passed the 2021 annual review and updated the latest organic certificate (NOP & EU).

1.  Organic Standard

There is no uniform organic standard in the world. Different countries and regions implement different regulations and standards, such as the (EEC) N°2092/91 regulation of European Union, the NOP standard of the US, and the JAS standard of Japanese. At present, the organic standards in the mainstream market are mainly the European Union (EU) and the US (NOP) standards. The brief introduction of the two is as follows:

EU Organic          

The NOP organic standards were implemented in 2001. The most authoritative organic certification is referred to as NOP organic certification or USDA organic certification. It is divided into 4 grades, 100% organic, organic, organically made and less than 70% organic ingredients. Among them, 100% organic is the highest grade, which requires 100% of the product ingredients to be organic, and organic requires at least 95% of the product ingredients to be organic. Products of these two grades can be marked with the USDA organic logo.

                      EU Organic          

The EU organic standard (EEC NO.2092/91) was promulgated in 1991 and abolished in 2007, then began to implement (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) No 889/2008. Its content clarifies the substances that can be used and prohibited in the production process of organic planting, organic processing, and organic breeding. In 2010, the European Commission voted for the organic green leaf logo. To use this logo, imported food must be 95% organic.

2. Organic Certificate Renewal

In this renewal of the organic certificate, Herb Green Health not only applied for re-certification of the original varieties, but also applied for the addition of a series of new varieties. The specific changes are as follows.

  • The validity of NOP certificate is updated to 2022.08.06, and the validity of EU certificate is updated to 2022.10.31.

  • The product variety has been expanded from 39 to 90, with new additions such as Chinese Yam Extract/Powder, Echinacea Extract/Powder, Gynostemma Extract/Powder, Lavender Extract/Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract/Powder, etc.

  • The certification level of some products is improved, such as the NOP Organic level of Goji Juice Powder upgraded to NOP 100% Organic.

    EU Organic

3. Certification Body

EU Organic          

The NASAA was established in 1986, its full name is The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. It is the most authoritative organic testing and certification body in Australia. At the same time, it is also the first testing and certification unit that meets the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) and the United States National Organic Standards (USNOP). Therefore, the NASAA certification is not only valid in Australia, but also recognized in more than 10 overseas countries.

The certification standards of the NASAA are very stringent. Its certification includes the complete process from raw materials to processing to finished products. The certificate has a short validity and must re-certifies after expiration. At the same time, it requires that the organic ingredients of the product must be higher than 95% then it can be marked with the organic certification logo of NASAA. For products with 70-95% organic ingredients can only be described as having NASAA organic certification but can’t be marked with this logo.

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EU OrganicEU OrganicEU OrganicEU Organic

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