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Panax Ginseng Root Extract Ginsenoside Powder

State: Powder 
Chracter: Yellow White to Brown Yellow
Certification: ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL
Specification: Ginsenosides 1-60%
Assay Method: HPLC; UV 
Botanical Source: Panax Ginseng 
Botanical Part Used: Root
  • C020102
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Introduction Of Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng is native to the mountains of Northeast China, the East Russia, and the Korean Peninsula. Since ancient times, ginseng has been known as the "King of Herbs". In Western countries, ginseng is also known as "the panacea" ("Panax" means "treatment of all diseases"). It is a protected plant both in China and Russia now. 

Ginseng is a slow growing perennial, and the roots are usually harvested by hand when the plant is five/six years old. Panax Ginseng Extract is an extract or concentrated powder obtained by extracting and concentrating the roots or leaves of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer.

Its main active ingredient is ginsenoside, ginseng polysaccharide, sterol, amino acid, etc. In modern scientific research, the popular efficacy research on ginseng and its active ingredients at home and abroad mainly focuses on relieving physical fatigue, delaying aging, weight management, blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, and glucose and lipid metabolism. 

Nowadays, Panax Ginseng Extract has been widely used in medicines, health products, functional foods and cosmetics.

Advantage Of Panax Ginseng Root Extract

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Product Name Panax Ginseng Extract (Organic Customizable)
Product Code C020102
Latin Name Panax ginseng C.A.Mey.
Botanical Part Used Root
Extract Solvent Ethanol / Water
Country of Origin China
Certification Organic NOP/EU, ISO, Kosher, Halal
Test Items Specification Test Method
Sensory Requirement
Character  It should be off-white to brown yellow fine powder, with special odor and taste, without obvious visible impurities. Organoleptic
TLC Have to comply Ch.P<0502>
Ginsenosides (Rg1+Re+Rb1+
 Rc+Rb2+Rf+Rd), %
1-60 Ch.P<0512>/Ch.P<0401>
Quality Date
Loss on drying, % NMT 5.0 Ch.P<0831>
Ash, % NMT 5.0 Ch.P<2302>
Particle size (80 mesh sieve),% NLT 95 Ch.P<0982>
Solubility 1g powder should soluble in 100mL water. Ch.P<0104>
Heavy Metals
Total Heavy metals, pm NMT 10.0 Ch.P<0821>
Pb, ppm NMT 3.0 Ch.P<2321>
As, ppm NMT 2.0 Ch.P<2321>
Hg, ppm NMT 0.1 Ch.P<2321>
Cd, ppm NMT 1.0 Ch.P<2321>
Control Items
Pesticide Residue EC396, Free, Organic GC-MS & LC-MS
Microbial Limits
TABC, cfu/g NMT 1000 Ch.P<1105>
TMYC, cfu/g NMT 100 Ch.P<1105>
E. Coli Absent Ch.P<1106>
Salmonella Absent Ch.P<1106>
Storage: Keep it sealed in cool and dry place, guard against damp.


Process Of Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Applications Of Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Functional Drink.

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