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Spice Powder Seasoning Black Pepper Fruit Powder

State: Powder 
Chracter: Light Brown Yellow to Brown 
Certification: ISO22000, HALAL 
Specification: Powder 
Assay Method: TLC 
Botanical Source: Piper nigrum 
Botanical Part Used: Fruit
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Black Pepper Powder
Product Code N/A Specification Powder
Extract Source Piper nigrum Botanical Part Used Fruit
Extract Solvent None Assay Method TLC
Character Light Brown Yellow to Brown Certification ISO22000, HALAL
HS Code 2103909000 Shelf Life 2 Years


Introduction Of Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is a seasoning. It can be used in meat stews, game and hot pot. Made from black pepper and other ingredients, it is superior to white pepper in flavor and has a wide variety of flavor variations.

Pepper originated from India, and there are different types of pepper: black pepper, green pepper and white pepper. Processing of pepper, divided into two kinds of black pepper and white pepper. Black pepper is processed by drying the fresh fruit directly into the sun. Harvested fresh fruit on the mat exposure for 3-4 days, when the skin crumpled, you can use a wooden stick pounding threshing, remove the fruit stalk debris, and then 1-2 days in the sun, it will become a commercial black pepper.

Function Of Black Pepper Powder

Food processing

Black pepper is the most common primary processing product of pepper, which plays the role of seasoning in the food industry. Whether it is used in cooking chicken, frying fish, marinating duck, making soup, or stir-frying vegetables, boiling radish, stewing lotus root, etc., the right amount of pepper can be added to the dishes to remove fishy, aromatic, inhibit odor and unpleasant.

Pepper in the processing of meat products is a very important raw material, creating a series of black pepper products, "black pepper steak" in one of the most popular products.

According to the physiological functions of pepper, pepper can be developed into functional foods for anti-gastric disease, gastric ulcer, atherosclerosis, epilepsy, convulsion, tumor, chronic sinusitis, depression, as well as a series of functional foods to regulate blood lipids, brain function and immunity. Piper (alkali/oleoresin) can be used to make more than 10 types of functional foods for rheumatism, diarrhea, pain, radiation, emergency effects, obesity, oxidative activity, and regulation of menopause, blood sugar, and male sexual dysfunction.

In addition to giving special flavor to food in the senses, spices also have the function of antibacterial and antiseptic. The development of pepper as a preservative is another way to improve the economic value of pepper.


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Process Flow Of Black Pepper Powder


Applications Of Black Pepper Powder


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