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Tech-inno Health Industry Co., Ltd. obtain the patent of TiRoxC Rosa Roxburghii Extract

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Tech-inno Health Industry Co., Ltd. obtain the patent of TiRoxC Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Congratulations! Tech-inno Health Industry Co., Ltd. recieved the notice of " A vitamin C rich Rosa Roxburghii Extract powder and its preparation method" authorized invention patent in March 2022. The patent filtered yeast and other impurities through ceramic membrane, avoiding high temperature treatment, reducing the degradation of VC, and getting Rosa Roxburghii Extract powder with better fluidity.

              Rosa Roxburghii patent

Invention patent certificate
Since the first quarter of 2022, the patents on Reishi Mushroom, Theaflavin and Gastrodia elata have successively been authorized, with patent numbers ZL 202011479039.8, ZL 202011518074.6 and ZL 202011518075.0.
Tech-inno Health Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to raw material innovation, technological innovation and finished product innovation, and pays great attention to the protection and accumulation of intellectual property rights. With the increasing investment in R&D and the innovation of the R&D team, we have a
number of patented technologies in functional food ingredients and preparations. At present, we have obtained 65 patents: 11 invention patents, 3 software publications and 51 utility model patents. There are 28 invention patents in the process of application for review. More investment in R&D and more obtaining of intellectual property enable Tech-inno Health Industry Co., Ltd. to bring our customers a complete and competitive range of nutritional and health ingredients. We also have a variety of formulation forms and specifications, so that the products have a good appearance and can meet the diversified needs of customers.
TiRoxC ®Roxburghii Extract

                                       Rosa Roxburghii fruit

Enhance antioxidant capacity

In a comparative antioxidant experiment on healthy adults, we have found that the ORAC(p=0.04) values in plasma were significantly higher in the group after 21 days of Rosa Roxburghii juice intervention compared to the placebo group.
Studies have shown that the antioxidant capacity of healthy individuals can be significantly increased after three weeks of continuous consumption of Rosa Roxburghii juice.
Rosa Roxburghii date

This study concluded the following by measuring the ADH, ALDH, SOD activity and GSH content of mouse liver:
(1) Rosa Roxburghii juice enhances hepatic ADH and ALDH activity to accelerate the metabolism of ethanol, which has a good effect on alcohol detoxification.
(2) Rosa Roxburghii juice enhances the liver SOD activity and GSH content in mice with acute liver injury, enhances the body's ability to scavenge free radicals, and reduces the damage of ethanol on liver.
rosa spec

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Rosa Roxburghii Extract

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