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  • 2023 Chinese National Day & Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice


    Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday will come at the end of this week! To celebrate the festivavls,our company is scheduled for the Mid-Autumn Festival and chinese national day, and the holidays are from 29th September to 6rd Octobor.We will be back to work on 7rd Octobor, 2023.By t Read More

  • Soothe Your Nerves and Enhance Your Sleep with Saffron Extract


    Are you struggling with anxiety and sleepless nights? Look no further than saffron extract, the natural remedy that could soothe your nerves and enhance your sleep. In this article, we will delve into the world of saffron extract, exploring its benefits and how it works to promote relaxation and res Read More

  • Achieve Radiant and Healthy Skin with Ergothioneine-enriched Mushroom Extract


    In the quest for radiant and healthy skin, many individuals are constantly on the lookout for innovative skincare solutions. One such solution that has been gaining popularity is Ergothioneine-enriched Mushroom Extract. This powerful ingredient, derived from mushrooms, has been found to offer numero Read More

  • U.S. Inventory Update | 2023-09-08


    Update Time: 2023.09-08 Warehouse Location: 14165 Ramona Ave Chino, CA 91710 Hours of Operation: 9:00 am~4:30 pm Monday through Friday Read More

  • Are raspberries good for your stomach?


    5-HTP and melatonin are endocrine substances in the body, the main role is to stimulate sleep, diet, etc. But there is a difference between the two, so let's learn more about it below. Read More

  • What is black ginseng extract?


    Black ginseng extract is a new processing product of Panax ginseng after red ginseng, which is processed by nine steaming and nine drying processes. It is rich in rare saponins and ginseng polysaccharides. Read More

  • What is saffron extract good for?


    What is saffron extract good for?Crocus sativus L. is a perennial plant of the genus Crocus in the Iraceae family. Read More

  • U.S. Stock Update | 2023-08-11


    Update Time: 2023.08.11; Warehouse Location: 14165 Ramona Ave Chino, CA 91710; Hours of Operation: 9:00 am~4:30 pm Monday through Friday Read More

  • Artichoke For Liver Repair


    The liver is the body's detoxification organ, removing toxins from the body through a process that combines some substances with toxic ones. The food that the body eats must be broken down by the liver and turned into the nutrients that the body needs to take in. It synthesizes more than 1,000 enzymes, assists in the secretion of bile, and recognizes harmful substances, and is the "chemical factory" that processes the body's waste. Read More

  • What are the health benefits of Panax Quinquefolius?


    American ginseng is native to Wisconsin in the northern part of the United States, and is also found in China and southern Canada. It contains 16 kinds of essential trace elements, more than 17 kinds of amino acids, polysaccharides, polybrain, and many kinds of vitamins, etc. Read More

  • U.S. Stock Update | 2023-07-20


    Update Time: 2023.07.20; Warehouse Location: 14165 Ramona Ave Chino, CA 91710; Hours of Operation: 9:00 am~4:30 pm Monday through Friday Read More

  • Are chokeberries good to eat?


    Aronia melanocarpa, also known as black chokeberry, is a perennial deciduous shrub in the genus Aronia, family Rosaceae. Read More

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