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Instant Green Tea Powder

Proname:Best Instant Green Tea Powder

Specification: Tea polyphenol ≥ 20.0%; Caffeine ≤ 15.0% 


Flavor: Fragnant,Clear aroma and fresh taste. 

Function: ·Reduce The Nicotine Damage ·Brain/Eye Health. ·Women's Health. ·Antifatigue. 

Certification: ISO22000;HALAL 

Model: N/A

Instant Green Tea Powder
Appearance Yellow powder Specification Tea polyphenol ≥ 20.0%;
Caffeine ≤ 15.0%
Flavor Fragnant,Clear aroma and fresh taste.  Solubility 20g/100ml
Moisture ≤6% Assay Method UV ; HPLC ; GB
Certification ISO22000 ; HALAL Shelf Life 2 Year
Instant Green Tea Powder 

Instant Green Tea Powder

Introduction of Instant Green Tea Powder 
Instant Green Tea Powder Selected from famous organic Green Tea, processed by scientific blending and physical extraction, light yellow-green in appearance, fresh and crisp in taste, with the unique fragrance of green tea. 
Instant Green Tea is a kind of simple brewing, easy to melt powdered tea, to drink tea, semi-finished processed tea, tea byproducts or tea green as raw materials, according to the process of obtaining, filtering, concentration, dry mania and other processing processes, production and processing into a new type of beverage dissolved in water without tea stems, granules, powder or small pieces, with the advantages of convenient brewing, no pesticide residues.
Organic Green Tea is produced without any synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, chemical food additives and other substances in a pollution-free production area, according to the organic agricultural production system and methods, and is not contaminated by any chemicals during processing, packaging, storage and transportation, and meets the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) standards, and is certified by the Organic (Natural) Food The green tea products and reprocessed products certified by the certification organization are called organic green tea.

Function of Instant Green Tea Powder

·Reduce The Nicotine Damage
·Brain/Eye Health.
·Women's Health.

Application of Instant Green Tea Powder

Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities,Functional Drink.

Instant Green Tea Powder

Process Flow Chart of Instant Green Tea Powder

Instant Green Tea Powder


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