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Dihydromyricetin 90%

Proname:Vine Tea Leaf Extract Dihydromyricetin NLT 90% Powder For Liver

State: Powder 

Chracter: White to Light Yellow 

Certification: ISO22000 

Specification: Dihydromyricetin 90%; Dihydromyricetin 98% 

Assay Method: HPLC 

Botanical Source: Ampelopsis Grossedentata 

Botanical Part Used: Leaf 

Model: C180201

Vine Tea Leaf Extract
Product Code C180201 Specification Dihydromyricetin 90%-98%
Botanical Source Ampelopsis Grossedentata Part Used Leaf
Extract Solvent Ethanol / Water Assay Method HPLC 
Character White to Light Yellow Certification ISO22000 
HS Code 1302199099 Shelf Life 2 Years

Introduction of Vine Tea Extract

Vine Tea is the branches and leaves of the vitaceae plant Ampelopsis Grossedentata. Distributed in Southwest China and Shaanxi, Gansu, Hubei and other places. It contains protein, dietary fiber, fat, carotene, vitamins and iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other trace elements required by the human body. It has unique curative effects on preventing pharyngitis, hypertension, etc. It can also beautify, anti-aging, and improve the sleep quality of people with poor sleep quality.

Vine Tea Leaf Extract Dihydromyricetin is a relatively special flavonoid that has both the general properties of flavonoids and antidotal effects. has a variety of peculiar effects such as free radical scavenging, antioxidant, antitumor and anti-inflammatory. In addition to the general properties of flavonoids, it also has the effects of detoxifying alcohol, preventing alcoholic and fatty liver, inhibiting liver cell deterioration and reducing the incidence of liver cancer. It is a good product for liver protection and sobriety.

Function of Vine Tea Extract

·Protect the Liver Function.

·Help Sleep.


Process Of Vine Tea Extract

Applications Of Vine Tea Extract


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