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Puer Tea Extract

Proname:Weight Loss Puer Tea Extract Gallic Acid Powder

Product Name: Puer Tea Extract 

Spec: Gallic Acid 5%,polyphenols >25% 

Alias: Pu Erh Tea P.E,Pu'er tea extract 

Botanical From: Camellia sinensis cv.Yunkang 10 

Part From: Leaf 

Appearance: Brown to greenish brown powder 

Minimum Order Quantity: 25KG 

Packaging: 25kg/Barrel. Inner PE Bag, Outer Cardboard Box. 

Certificates: ISO22000, HALAL

Introduction Of Puer Tea Extract

Pu-erh tea extract powder is a kind of product with the function of reducing blood sugar and fat, which is made from Yunnan pu-erh ripe tea through the whole process of green water extraction and other main gallic acid.

Significantly higher potent ingredients: gallic acid content >5%, polyphenols >25%

Function Of Puer Tea Extract

  • Suppresses the postprandial blood sugar rise
  • BMI decreases
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduce visceral fat accumulation
  • Lower Cholesterol

Advantages of Raw Materials

  • Selected Yunkang No. 10
  • State-level improved varieties of tea,
  • system broken black tea high lasting fragrance, with flowers, taste strong fresh;
  • Making green tea color green show Hao, long-lasting flower fragrance, taste strong

Technological advantages

GMP level manufacturing process, HACCP manufacturing process and patented processing process certification

The cholesterol inhibiting effect of the raw material obtained from this process is more obvious

Low temperature micron filtration and instantaneous drying. Food safety level, no pesticide residues

Efficacy verification

The efficacy has been verified through experiments

Applications Of Puer Tea Extract


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