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Instant Jasmine Flower Powder

Proname:Wholesale Best Instant Jasmine Flower Tea Powder

Specification: Tea polyphenol ≥15.0% ;Caffeine ≤ 15.0% 

Certification: ISO22000 


 Instant Jasmine Tea Powder 
 Appearance Yellow Powder Specification Tea polyphenol ≥ 20.0%;
Caffeine ≤ 15.0%
  Flavor Light and elegant fragrance, fresh and mellow taste, obvious sweetness Solubility 20g/100ml
  Moisture ≤6% Assay Method UV ; HPLC ; GB
  Certification ISO22000 ; HALAL Shelf Life 2 Year
Instant Jasmine Tea Powder Jasmine

Instant Jasmine Tea Powder Jasmine

Introduction of Instant Jasmine Tea Powder 
Jasmine Tea, a kind of scented Tea and green Tea, has a history of more than 1,000 years.
The World Jasmine tea originated from Fuzhou, Fujian Province, which is also the origin of our raw materials. Its tea aroma is mixed with the fragrance of jasmine flower, jasmine tea tea is a major product of scented tea. It is produced in a vast area with high yield and rich varieties.
Its fresh and long-lasting aroma, taste mellow and fresh, bright yellow-green soup, tender and soft leaf base. The Jasmine tea, made through a series of scenting processes, is a healthy drink with the effects of calming the mind, relieving depression, strengthening the spleen and regulating qi, anti-aging and enhancing the body's immunity.
Our instant tea uses bio-engineering technology to produce modern tea essence products, while maintaining the taste and benefits of the original tea, with the characteristics of rapid dissolution at room temperature.

Function of Instant Jasmine Tea Powder 

Regular Jasmine tea for women can not only beautify the face, whiten the skin and can resist aging, but also dredge the body's intestines and stomach can defecate, smooth the flow of Qi and clear the brain, reduce blood pressure and blood lipids, it also has the great effect and efficacy of resisting bacteria and virus to cure cancer. The caffeine in tea stimulates central nervous system, helps to dispel drowsiness, fatigue, energy and concentration, while ingredients such as tea polyphenols and tea pigments are antibacterial and anti-viral, there are anti-cancer, anti-mutation effect.

Application of Instant Jasmine Tea Powder 

Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities,Functional Drink.

Instant Jasmine Tea Powder Jasmine
Process Flow Chart of Instant Jasmine Tea Powder 

Instant Jasmine Tea Powder Jasmine


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