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What are the benefits of taking fo-ti?

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What are the benefits of fleeceflower tubers?

1、What is tuber fleece

Polygonum multiflorum is a perennial plant of Polygonaceae.

Tuberfleece Flower Root also known as thick, long oval, dark brown. Its tuberous root is long ellipsoid, black-brown; Polygonum multiflorum is bulky or irregular fusiform. The surface is reddish brown or reddish brown, wrinkled and uneven, with shallow furrows, and long transverse lenticels and fine root scars. Body weight, solid, not easy to break, section light yellow-brown or light red-brown, pink, skin has 4-11 similar round shaped vascular bundle ring, forming a cloud-like pattern, the central part of the wood is larger, some were wood center. Gas slightly, taste slightly bitter and sweet astringent. In autumn and winter, when the leaves wither, cut off both ends, wash, a large cut into pieces, dry.

Tuberfleece Flower Stem or leaf rattan, also known as nighttime rattan, Wisteria, Polygonum, nine true rattan and so on. Stems twining; stems twining, 2-4 m long, much branched, longitudinally angled, glabrous, scabrous, proximally lignified.

Tuberfleece Flower Root
Tuberfleece Flower Stem

Born at the foot of the mountain in the Sun, stream, roadside and bushes. Polygonum multiflorum is native to China, Thailand, Vietnam, and later introduced to Japan, Korea and other countries and Caucasus; It is mainly distributed in southern Shaanxi, southern Gansu, eastern China, central and southern China.

2. The function of Polygonum multiflorum

2.1 Tuberfleece Flower Root

Radix polygoni multiflori contains anthraquinone compounds, among which emodin-8-0-B-D-glucoside is one of the active components in radix polygoni multiflori, quinone component stilbene glycoside 2,3,5, 4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-B-D-glucoside has a wide range of cardiovascular activities, immunomodulatory and liver protective effects, the amides are muping aristolol, n-trans-ferulic acyl-3-methyl dopamine, and the chromogens are 7-hydroxy. Two, five. With stilbene glycoside, as the anti-aging, hypolipidemic active ingredient. Plus two, three, five, 4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-(6"-o-a-d-glucopyranosyl)-b-d-glucopyranoside has an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of Vascular smooth muscle cells. It also contains Aloe emodin, chrysophanol, chrysophanol anthraquinone, Emodin, Parietin, Rhein, Picea new glycoside, etc. .

Polygonum multiflorum has the effects of anti-aging, enhancing immunity and promoting adrenal cortex. It can promote the growth and development of blood cells, regulate blood lipids and arteriosclerosis, and has liver protective effects. Anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, can increase the coronary blood flow of isolated rabbit heart and antagonize Posterior pituitary-induced heart rate decrease, but not Posterior pituitary-induced arrhythmias.

2.2 Tuberfleece Flower Stem

1, nightshade vine is often used to assist eye disease and eye inflammation. Nightshade vine is rich in flavonoids, these substances have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects, can reduce eye pain and disease-induced inflammation.

2. It also contains some antibacterial components, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and has a certain auxiliary effect on eye bacterial infection.

3, the night cross vine also has a certain analgesic effect, can alleviate eye pain and discomfort. The active ingredient in the nightshade vine can affect the pain conduction system in the human body, reduce the perception and transmission of pain, thus playing an analgesic effect.

4, Night Cross Vine also has a sedative effect, can alleviate eye inflammation caused by irritability and restlessness, so that patients can get better rest and sleep.

5, it also has the function of regulating immune function. There are some bioactive components in the Chinese herb, which can enhance the activity of immune cells and enhance the immunity of the body, so as to prevent and assist the eye infection.

6, the nightshade vine also has a certain anti-aging effect. The flavonoids rich in nightshade have antioxidant effect, can eliminate free radicals in the body, delay the aging process of cells, protect the health of eye cells. Therefore, long-term use of nightshade vine can effectively prevent eye aging and some aging-related eye diseases.

3. Application of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb

3.1 nutrition

Polygonum multiflorum can be made into a variety of medicinal diet and health care products, such as medicinal congee congee have polygonum multiflorum hair congee, Polygonum multiflorum egg yolk congee, yizhibuxue anti-wrinkle congee; Medicinal wine beneficial Wubu wine, Shouwu Sanxian Yishou wine, Shouwu Black Bean Yishufa wine, etc.  As a drinking tea has he shouwu tea, he shouwu beauty hair tea, blood nourishing white skin tea.

The root tubers and leaves of polygonum multiflorum can be used as Chinese medicinal materials, main treatment dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, waist and knee soreness, hair early white, tinnitus, emission and other diseases;.

Polygonum multiflorum can be made into many kinds of medicated diet and health care products, and is often used in hair care, hair care, hair growth and other cosmetics.

3.2 industrial raw materials

Polygonum multiflorum contains phosphatidylcholine and other nutrients, which can regulate nerve and endocrine, nourish hair roots, promote the production of hair melanin, and is an excellent hair conditioner, commonly used in hair care, hair care, hair and other cosmetics. The root tuber of Polygonum multiflorum is also rich in starch (up to 45%) , which can be used for making starch or wine, and its filtrate can be used to control aphids, red spiders and rice borers, can be developed as a natural insecticide.

3.3 for medical and pharmaceutical purposes

The root tubers and leaves of polygonum multiflorum can be used as Chinese medicinal materials. The root tubers are bitter, sweet and astringent, with mild temperature, main treatment dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, waist and knee soreness, must hair early white, tinnitus, emission, intestinal dry constipation, long malaria body deficiency, rubella pruritus, sore carbuncle, hemorrhoids and other diseases; leaves slightly bitter, ping, have detoxification Sanjie, insecticidal antipruritic effect, the main treatment of sores, scabies and other diseases.

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