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Is cinnamon high in polyphenols?

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The content of water-soluble polyphenols in Cinnamomum cassia is very low, about 0.1% -0.3% . There are 8% -12% cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, coumarins, eugenol and other volatile compounds in cinnamon, so it is necessary to separate and remove the polyphenols before extracting. Our cinnamon extract is 30% polyphenol

Cinnamon extract is a kind of solid beverage product made from the dried bark of cinnamon by extracting concentrated spray drying technology. It has certain nutritive value and has the unique smell and taste of cinnamon, with good water solubility, easy to dissolve, fine powder, good fluidity, dry powder, easy storage and transport, multiple concentration, add less characteristics, can be used for multi-scene features, widely used in food, solid drinks, beverages and other aspects, to enhance food, solid drinks, beverages and other unique flavor and value, to ensure the taste and nutrition of food, solid drinks, beverages and other products.

Study on pharmacological action of Cinnamomum cassia polyphenols

As the water-soluble part of Cinnamomum cassia, polyphenols have many pharmacological effects, it has pharmacological effects on the digestive system, cardiovascular system, immune system, endocrine system and central nervous system. It has anti-diabetic oxidation, anti-tumor and neuroprotective effects.

Efficacy and effect

Scavenge free radicals

Free radicals are the main culprit that damages human tissues and cells, and they are also the biggest inducement for the rapid aging of the human body. To maintain human health and slow down the aging of the human body, it is necessary to clean up the free radicals in the body, cinnamon polyphenols have this effect, it can not only enhance the body's antioxidant capacity, but also inhibit the production of free radicals in the body, and can speed up the body's free radical metabolism, can prevent free radicals to the human body damage.

Lighten the spots

Cinnamon polyphenols can not only clean up the free radicals in the body, but also maintain the endocrine stability of the human body, and can inhibit the production of lipofuscin in the body, this substance is an important component of the surface of human skin spots, after the reduction of its number, the risk of skin spots will be significantly reduced, and has appeared, spots will gradually fade, often take cinnamon polyphenols can play a particularly obvious whitening effect.

Delay skin aging

Cinnamon polyphenol is a plant polyphenol, it can be absorbed by the human body to promote the synthesis of collagen in the body, and can remove free radicals in the body, it can accelerate skin cell regeneration, increase skin cell activity, and can delay the skin aging. People with acne, acne, and scars can also be treated with cinnamon polyphenols, which can be applied directly to the skin and massaged appropriately when needed, can let the skin return to the original healthy state.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic

Cinnamon polyphenol has super anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ability, can eliminate the body after absorption of a variety of pathogenic bacteria and sensitive bacteria, and can eliminate internal inflammation of the human body. Cinnamon polyphenols also have a marked effect on the immune system and can enhance the body's ability to fight allergies. It has a allergic rhinitis effect on the human body, allergic asthma and allergic dermatitis have obvious preventive and therapeutic effects.

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